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Custom Models

HO Sardine Carrier
HO Coasting Schooner
HO Self-propelled Barge
Custom Models
HO 90' Coal Barge

Custom HO scale model of P-399, a 63' USAAF aircraft rescue boat.

If you'd rather spend your time on rolling stock or other aspects of your layout, we can provide you with a finished example of one or more of our kits.  Built "out of the box", a finished model from the kit will cost ten times the price of the kit, plus shipping.  Modifications will generally cost extra. 
If you have a specific vessel in mind for your layout and can't find a kit of it, we can build you a custom model to suit your needs.  Please keep in mind that custom work can be expensive.  On average, expect to pay at least $150 per inch of hull length for a powered vessel and at least $200 per inch of hull length for a sailing vessel.   
In either case, send us an email describing what you want and we'll send you back a quote.